Éirí – est. 2015

Siblinghood of humankind

As we are in the troubled beginnings of the Age of Aquarius it is vital that we learn to work in concert. As the sister- and brotherhood of humankind that we are. Simply, if we don’t learn to work together our extinction is unavoidable, the way things are developing now.
Not just among us humans, in the human realm, we need cooperation and mutual respect, but also with the other realms. All of creation is connected. All of Nature; elementals, astral and causal realms. Mother Nature, Mother Earth (Gaia), exists on many levels; we all are an inextricable part of that whole.
To learn how to cooperate, work together, is increasingly difficult these days, with everyone distracted by the weapons of distraction, the antisocial media and virtual reality of individualism; being powered by greed and addiction to algorithm generated more of the same opinions, fired by fear and hatred for all that is different, rather than bridging and finding mutual interests.
One effective way to escape that artificial untrue unsatisfied way of being and reconnect with our inner power of reality and (self)respect is to immerse oneself into silence and nature; find your heart in the heart of unspoiled nature. Another is to partake in group sessions with honest spiritual intentions. Like yoga, meditation, the arts.

On the estate Éirí both can be done. Groupwork (and) in nature.
Started by individual initiative and effort, we aim to become a lasting beacon and physical space to inspire, share and learn from, and teach, each other.

We can host your activity, you can come and support us with help, or financially. For instance, we are still lacking adequate facilities for large enough dining space and kitchen; the plans are there, the funds not yet.

Éirí – Irish for Wake up, Revive, Become.

Éirí, a quiet private estate in the far South-west of County Cork, Ireland, is part of a beautiful rugged nature reserve which stretches along the south coast from Ballyrisode to Barleycove. Situated 10 kms from Mizen Head – the most south-westerly point of mainland Ireland – facing south onto the Atlantic coast.

Éirí an sean Domhan, is the full name of this 5-hectare estate which hosts an evolving centre for retreats, inspiration and meetings of the like-minded. It’s a place for friends to meet; to do spiritual work, go within; the arts; or work in collaboration, away from the outside world surrounded by the awesomely beautiful, inspiring nature of West Cork.

Éirí an Adam Nua is the collective name given to the human domain, the buildings (main house, Workshop and cabins).
There is a duality to all of life – which needs to be balanced – symbolized here by different names for the two parts of Éirí.


Evolution from ecocidal Anthropocene to ecocentric Symbiocene through Symbiophilia.
Since detonation of the first atom bomb, we live in the age of the Anthropocene. We believe that, unless we change our ways, the Antropocene will end, sooner or later, into Extinction.
Today’s Exploitation of the natural world for man’s own benefit has no future. We cannot exploit, rule, suppress, control, kill nature – because we are part of it. We need to learn to live in harmony with nature, with the natural world, with the many different realms of life.

We need to change from the ecocidal Anthropocene (the human rule) to an ecocentric Symbiocene (a human future in harmony with the ecosphere, the more-than-human future). We need to realize that we are part of nature; that to harm nature is to harm ourselves – as all life is deeply entangled; interconnected and interdependent.

We need places, where we can learn how to freely transition to this entangled life. We need Free Cultural Spaces of imagination, experiment and trial and error learning-living. Places where mutual, real solidarity with life in all its forms can manifest freely. Where the Love of living together (Symbiophilia) can be practiced full-time; provides a breeding ground for indispensable imaginative sharing power.

Éirí also aims to grow towards providing such a free natural cultural space.
The Universal Value of these Free Cultural Spaces is based on, and connected to, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as established by Unesco.



Éirí welcomes you 
to tranquil nature on the Wild south Atlantic Coast, to enjoy the special energies and quietness of the estate,
to reconnect with your roots; to meditate, finding harmony, heal,
to feel (find again) the deeper oneness and permanence we are all part of,
to enjoy the cleansing waters of the Atlantic Ocean at the private hidden beach on the grounds,
to work alone, or in a group, on yourself, your health, your art, your sanity, for the sake of all and the sacredness of all life,
to come together and celebrate (life, beauty, harmony) in a most positive sense.