About Éirí

Éirí an sean Domhan (the land) translates to Revive the old World, Kingdom.

Éirí an Adam Nua (buildings) equates to Become the new Adam (i.e. Human)

Reviving the old world does not imply going back to living in the caves, but to become the “new human” who knows how to live in harmony in and with nature; being part of nature, rather than above and in conflict with nature. Respecting nature and all life; giving all equal acknowledgement and attention; taking responsibility for all our deeds and thoughts.

Harmony in Nature outside and inside ourselves; harmony between the female and male side, for instance. Finding new ways of doing (acting); of being. Rediscovering the old wholesome ways, which are healthy for mind, spirit, soul, environment; for humans and mother earth…

Our community advocates respect for life and nature, organics and the principles of permaculture: responsible care of the land and all that lives there, by means of positive examples; healthy design of our lives, homes and land. With the application of Gentle Forces.

  Flowering ginger in the poly-tunnel   Grapes   Apples in the orchard, ready for picking

Here is how we got here – after searching for 25 years all over the world for a place like this – and how things look now.

First, to get access by breaking away part of the big rock at the entrance, clearing the choking overgrowth (after 9 years being up for sale) in places, planting over a thousand trees of several different varieties, upgrading existing paths and making new pathways. The erection of the workshop, making a home for communal, spiritual, cultural and artistic, group activities; beds for visiting friends, etc. Creating beauty, harmony and peace, with respect for human, creature and nature, in everything we build and do in this incredibly beautiful far corner of Southwest Cork. Creating a retreat away from the world, the ways of the world, the distractions of the world. Sharing the land with all that lives (plants, animals, elementals, spirits and other neighbours). In the unique, isolated quiet nature on the Wild south Atlantic Coast, in the special energies and quietness of the estate, inductive to getting to the silence and stillness inside, reconnecting with one’s roots; meditating, finding harmony, healing… getting closer to feeling at one with all, feeling the oneness and permanence we are all part of. And on clear nights get to see an incredible amount of stars.