Dance party
Saturday eve Sep 18
Invites only






Wednesday 08-09 from 15:00
Improvisational Sound weaving
with Corina, Rik and Julia




. No festivals allowed yet. Hardly any live music possible yet. Millions making streaming services pay composer and performer together habitually 1 cent per euro they make from sellling their songs. No livable income, no gigs, no festivals… Time for a Fritzeval!


The newmillenniman / an Adam nua
Julia writes:
One Heart Event I, West Cork

– Through The Rabbit Hole Into The Garden Of Eden –

Fri 13th 19:30 – Sun 15th 17:30

This Event is all about allowing the new man, the new woman to arise from within us. This is the life we have been waiting for no matter how it seems in the outside world, we are the creators of our lives. Our Thought, beliefs and feelings create our life, our world around us. Have you still got any patterns that seem repeating themselves? Have you got the deep wish from freeing yourself off energies that seem to hold you back to live the life of your dreams?
We are together creating a beautiful non-judgemental, accepting, caring loving environment where we finally experience, how it is to help one another to release old fears, old pains so they are not inter-fearing anymore with the co-creation of the world of our soul wishes, in alignment with our essence.
With the help of empathy exercises of deep listening, shamanic practices lead by yourself, divine blue print activation, journeying with drum, heart-opening cacao, sacred theatre, sound, movement and consensual massage and with all our love, acceptance compassion and beautiful intention, we are going to hatch out of any old patterns and energies, to finally live the life your soul has been waiting for, in freedom and love.
Here is a short description of the weekend. Just note that this is only a suggestion and the plan could change according to the groups needs. Also know that sounds with Tibetan and Crystal bowls, flutes, voice and many other instruments will always play a part during this weekend.

This event will take place on the magical beautiful land of Éirí Retreat Centre at Ballyrisode 5 kilometres before Goleen, on the Atlantic south coast. All is prepared for you to put up your tent. There is even private access to the sea. You can get food in Goleen or Schull nearby. Frits can also provide cooked breakfast (dairy-free porridge) and coffees and teas if you want. Frits might also be able to cook for you, for some extra charges, if you like, please let us know well in advance, if you would like that.
There is a kitchen with sink available, but no cooker. So if you like to cook for yourself please bring what you need. There will also be an open fire place. Toilets and shower are in the building of the beautiful hall, where we will hold our sessions.
At this event I wouldn’t recommend bringing children – although I’d love children around – because this is more a retreat rather than a camp. This is the time for you and your soul. The number will also be limited to 8, max 11 people, which is ideal for the intention of this retreat.

The cost of the retreat including camping, facilities and hall is 181 euros.
There are also dormitory beds, and some single and double rooms available. Prices will be below.

Please call me on +447740587813 for any questions.

Much love, Julia

This is the plan for our retreat, but please note, that this can change with the energy, needs and things that might come up during the weekend:

Arriving and connecting.
Fri, 13th, 17:30 arriving
19:30 connection circle, cacao ceremony, movement,sound healing and consensual massage
Sat, 14.08. Empathy, holding space for eachother to release or transform what doesn’t server anymore.
A deep journey with the drum and other instrument will lead us to our essence. Who are we. How does our soul want us to live, in our essence? Innocence – in-essence.
Lunch break
Sacred theatre, down the rabbit hole. But we are not alone. Experience how it feels like to be supported in your journey to the core. To feel-one more time, what was holding you back, what happened. It is not happening now and we are alm there to support you in your journey to freedom.
We are writing down what we are releasing to burn it in the fire ceremony later.
Break and snack
After the break we are activating our divine blueprint through a meditation and easy hand positions. Sound healing and cacao will help the integration. Later we burn our release papers
Freedom – Garden of Eden
Sun 15.08. 9:30 – 17:30
If there is anymore stuckness/gooey stuff we do some more sacred theatre and empathy. Then we will move into giving eachother what we need after the release. How is it to express and ask and to receive. Giving to eachother what we need (of course respecting boundaries and consent) is a beautiful gift we can give to eachother. Growing up in a world of isolation, taking etc, we can retrieve this quality of ours. We will see that if we all give to eachother we also all receive…. there could also be a group facilitation of consensual massage happening at this stage.
After lunch we will connect with the beautiful grounds, plants and nature. What message do they have for us?
The drum and instrument will now help us deep into our essence, to co-create our garden of Eden. How does it look like to live in alignment with who you are. How does it feel like? How would our relationships be? What would our hands want to do, our feet want to bring us? We right it down and share around another fire. This shall be the closing of the event, but you are welcome to stay over another night if you wish.
Much love and I am looking forward to hatch and co-create with you, Julia Cross


camping: included
dormitory: € 5 extra per person
single: € 9 extra per person
double: € 14 extra per person

Porridge: € 12 porridge, tea, coffee
Lunch: € 16
dinner: € 19

We are so looking forward to meeting and spending a beautiful weekend with you.

If you have any question please contact me on +447740587813

Much Love, Julia



We are open to a variety of spiritual activities in our SW Irish nature reserve; turning within, finding the silence within…


This image was taken in the workshop building in Amstelveen, shortly before it was taken apart and transported to Ballyrisode.
The Ethiopian christian community, now using the Handwegchurch, celebrated their Easter in there with some 150 of them from all over the world; a preacher had come from london for the celebration.