Gallery – Building the workshop 7 Big

And back connected at the workshop and brought inside

as we ran out of Greek we had to order in Japanese. (bad humour!) Dimitrios was no longer available so we had to find another reliable worker…

Kuzuoka is his name and he turns out to be a very precise painter, here busy painting on the glassfibre sealer waterproofing

The boards are on all around, as if the building is wearing warm socks..

Kuzuoka and Pat sanding the floor

and Dairmuit brushing up a storm, seemingly enveloping poor Pat in Orbs

and before the floor can be varnished, the ceiling needs to be scrubbed. Of course this elevated job can only be done by the top man.

… and finally a selfie with the newly socked building. Thank you universe for only one day of serious rain during the month long erection period!