Comments on the state of the world

Restore the Balance!

The situation in the world is untenable, mankind has crossed the line into institutionalised insanity.
War, hunger, pandemic, mass extinction looming, the very rich getting ever richer with unchecked greed and selfishness.
Dictators, tyrants and billionaires alike got their power by following their unlimited greed and lust for power, by enticing us with a bit of the same.
Unlike men, women do know the price of life, as they carry it for 9 months. Women would never start a war, for whatever gain; the price of life is too high! Only men rule through violence and fear; brute force and killing.
Mother Earth is on the brink of a catastrophe, pollution and climate emergency threatening mass extinction of most forms of life, including humanity.

We believe it is because we are, the planet is, ruled by MEN. Or rather, by the male energies, the left side of the brain. Ruled by logic, by the mind (the lower mind), unchecked by heart influence, we seek instant gratification and do not want to see the consequences of our actions.
Our children get put into schools from the age of 5 or 6 and get almost only education for the logical left-brain half; learning to suppress and disregard all feelings and all heart. Our feminine brain halves are institutionally suppressed.
We believe that the solution is to no longer be ruled by men, by male energy; but to be led by women, by feminine energy.
The 7000 year long war raging between the brain halves has by now resulted in almost total domination of the left brain half. Institutionally, Linear Logic has total domination over Holistic imaginative thinking/feeling. The head now over-rules the heart in all official situations.

Humanity cannot carry on like this. We believe the heart should lead; the head support with logic the intuitive knowing of the heart.

Billionaires have accumulated their wealth by abusing their employees, underpaying them, undervaluing them. Women would never abuse their employees, as a mother would not do that to her children. She’d care for them. Teach them to be responsible, making sure they are properly cared for, and taught to care for each other. Unfold their talents to the full. Share. And therefore, she’d never make it to be a millionaire, let alone a billionaire.
A woman head of state or business would never have an ego to satisfy, by amassing power, grabbing her neighbour’s lands, ruling by force, allow hunger and sickness to roam amongst her children and subjects. She would make sure her subjects were well fed, healthy and all able to speak their minds and share their insights and resources.
There are far too many tyrants and dictators, who will not allow us free speech, free movement; who do not care if their subjects are healthy and well fed, are the best and happiest possible citizens.

Tax the billionaires and use their accumulated stolen wealth to feed and heal the masses! Lock up the tyrants with each other so that they can keep playing ‘Mine is bigger than yours’ without causing suffering to untold masses.
Women know how to care for their family, for humanity, and lead us in how to care for mother earth; and for the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms we share this world with.
Woman, feminine energy, the right brain-half, has the ability to see patterns, think holistically, intuit solutions that logic would not find for years of following logical step by step thinking.

The world needs to have the rich taxed properly and make them face their full responsibilities. Making money has its price, the rich should be paying for that with their profits and not have society pick up the bill for that, as happens now. They themselves should clean up the mess they make, deal with the pollution they cause, with the health damage they inflict on their workers by bad working conditions, overwork, unsafe work situations, stress; etc.

Pollutitions (sic!) whom we choose to lead us. Lobbyists. Misinformation.
Disinformation. Censorship. Disrespect. Etc. All follows from the disturbed balance, the ego and greed of our male brain-half dominated leaders.

We need to have the balance restored between male and female. Left and right brain half. Males and females in proper balance and harmony make a whole. Unbalanced they just make a mess, make each other unhappy, unhealthy and stunted. Women and Men are meant to be each other’s complementing half; humans are part of nature. We need to learn to be respectful of all, of all life, as all is interrelated.
Humans and Elementals, Animals, Plants, Minerals in harmony make a happy healthy world for all forms of life; all together form a living entity, could form a loving entity with a viable, healthy and happy future for all.

What the world needs is putting to right all that is wrong, in the right place what is in the wrong place. Violence and carelessness against each other and against nature ought to have no place in a healthy, responsible harmonious society.
We could start with being aware of our real self, the part of us who lives in the heart, not in the head. (When we say I, we point at our chest, heart – Not at our head!)
Then try to listen ever more to the heart, to the feeling; rather than to the head, the thinking. Feel first, then think.
Get balanced, get into harmony, get healthy and happy. And the world will be again a place where all will thrive.