Gallery – From A to B – A: from Amstelveen Big

After 15 years behind the Handweg-church, a far(fetched) move!
Here it sat, behind the church, for 15 years.

Inside, the empty hall.

The curtains are out, the lights have been taken down; now the rest…

After some weeks taking apart the inside, here are the big boys!

lifting the roof off,


piling up the walls,

even the breakers need a break!

lifting the floor…, which is in poor condition

the new floor gets delivered (on forklift in the middle)

That’s it! Ready to load up.

Loading the truck.

This is more exiting than the telly! Neighbouring kids absorbed in the proceedings, whilst breaking in the new furniture.

Difficult fitting everything in. The driver’s help is needed.

Everything is on board! Ready to roll… On to Ireland….

Left of course the cleaning up afterwards. All that remains as we depart are the concrete foundations.