Gallery – From A to B – B: to Ballyrisode Big

… Be given a new life in a nature reserve in SW Ireland
After Calais-Dover and Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire and crossing Ireland from East to West, almost there…

over the next hill, round a few more bends…

the drive to the new home

welcomed by a rainbow

living quarters in the distance, new resting place to be created on the left

the driveway as we found it

big boys needed here to! (OK, this is going back a bit in time!)

and so it begins…

first layer off (note telephone pole on the right as a landmark)

under the overgrowth, remains of two fishermans’ huts (foreground) are uncovered, as well as large fishing netting, big ship’s cable, two gates, etc..

the new look, after weeks of rock-breaking and soil shifting (notice telephone pole now, above selfie, left of house)

the heap of disassembled workshop under plastic in the distance, heaps of removed topsoil in front

here the building awaits reassembling, next to the rocks

a high view of the new site

here it has come to rest behind the rocks

The name not yet up, roundabout around telephone pole in foreground.

the manager proudly standing in front of the resurrected workshop