Goings on

Meditative part of Sunday’s concert in front of a half dozen audience…
A few more pics of Sunday’s concert and jam. Another one planned on Wednesday.


Respectively jamming with Stuart, with Ringsend Rockschool (Dublin); friday night Mamacha concert and more Wilde jamming with Stuart

The Fritzeval was mainly with musicians this time; hopefully next time we will be able to have lots of listeners too!


“Watcha doin’?” asks Robin, sitting on Daithi’s laptop who’s reading the news under the balcony. If the Robin thinks s/he’s not fed in time, he’ll hop into the kitchen to see if there is some food for him there. No human seems to scare him. Jade feeding the resident robin in front of the workshop.



July full moon celebrations.


Help with planting pumpkins, from seed from last year’s. The wind blew half of the plants off the compost heap then, so this year we try something new. Along the ditch to grow down into shelter from the winds. The greening of the circle.


After couple of days rehearsing and jamming, the lads from the rockschool do a gig, with our inabitants as only audience.


New moon and eclipse. Activating the circle as a circle of healing. After inspection by Grace, the cat, we had gracious help.


Re-planting a eucalyptus tree that was broken by the storm of the 20th of May near the far cabin. Preparing the camping grounds; clearing and levelling … and clearing the drainage ditches


We put some texts near the entrance on the side of our main road, the only road to The Mizen, to inspire the tourists when they pass by in droves again hopefully before summer is out.
The signs were made for us by our friend, local artist Corina Thornton. Honestly, they turned out even more beautiful than we had hoped!
We have a new Queen fiercely ruling Eiri, from up high and down low. She keeps track of everything happening. She rules the land of Éirí and keeps on top of everything; not in the last place the rodent population. No more intrusions into the house! No more fearlessly ambling about for them either…


With the renewed level 5 lock-down there is no distraction from anything going on. So at last there are some unfinished jobs the manager can start to tackle. Here is a fresh truckload of gravel. More deliveries and developments to follow…


We all miss live music so very, terribly much! One of our guests, Brendan, was so kind to spoil us and play us some unprepared violin solo.. Bliss…




We are big fans of Rowan. They were back to rehearse for a few days. On Monday they’ll be in the studio (elswhere) recording an EP. We can’t wait to buy that!


Choir practice at Eiri

music outside

Even a few friends turned up to watch them play outside. Rock’n’Roll!

music students

A group of young city students with their music coach spending some time tenting in our wild nature and making music in the Workshop here.

music students

The boys rehearsing. This evening they’ll play an outside performance.


Charity-Bike ride for cancer research from mizen to malin. Start after a good night and healthy porridge at eiri…


The “saplings” of the band Rowan worked on their music in the workshop for a week or so and then did a bit of a concert – without audience – at Levis’


Yes, a secret bunch of songs. But the secret is out: here is the link to the video on their faecesbook, ehrm, facebook page

A video of the concert of the band Rowan. With only proprietors Joe & Caroline and their kids Johanna and Luke present – (and Éirí manager frits)
Facebook link of the band Rowan




Here is a score of 5 year old appletrees, survivors of two dozen grown from seed, waiting to be grafted. And here they stand now, planted at last. After they are grafted they will be replanted in the orchard in winter sometime.

fallen willow

We had bad weather on the 6th of May, rain and some wind. Some bad gushes, and see, this old tree was leaning out of kilter already, now given up the ghost. Sorry to lose that willow, but now it blocks the path to the cove with three big branches… have to get the handsaw to clear it. But some of its side branches can be saved next to the path.

fallen tree

The fallen tree has been cleared, the path is open again. Only a handsaw was used, as the chainsaw makes big damaging noise and smells bad (fuel). This path has strong etheric presence and the chainsaw would have caused big rents in the subtle fabric of the etheric, astral and finer realms. The 4 trunks weren’t that thick, so even with the little handsaw it was a reasonably easy job. One trunk, sporting its parasitic-like fern, can be seen here in its new position, along the path. The trunks are beautifully mossed, so were thought to be more beautiful to keep in sight, than useful in the fire one day… Two more are along the beginning of the path. The path runs along the Valley, worn out into the rock by a stream running there for millennia. When it rains there are places where the water floods the path many centimeters deep, up to decimeters when pouring down for longer. The stepping stones are not enough to make it passable then. The sign denotes the name: the valley, and asks for respect, in English and Irish. Even though it is private, rather than prohibiting entrance, we ask for respect to the path and what lives and grows around it. Come and have a look and feel one day, and see where it leads…


Happy birthday Eírí!
Today it is our first “lustrum”, it is 5 years ago we started with our adventures here… the main house here, (Echium on the right) but no visitor in sight. The virus has all of you poor friends and fellow humans locked away… It is about time we start respecting nature and so prevent further such pandemics for one. And behave respectful, responsible and fair to each other and to all life. Or become history ourselves. Extinct. As a species we do need to behave grown-up and fully responsible for all our actions, words and thoughts. Happy and inspiring full moon to you all!