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March 2023 and the Human Condition
The complexities and potency of our changing times are emphasized in March 2023.
While there are many areas of life to be aware of, and levels of awareness linked to many soul levels and archetypal types (which suggests that we should not be expected to be aware of various aspects of life, per se), I hope you will take the time to read this blog and digest it well to the extent of integration into your awareness for your own sake and that of others, if indirectly. Thoughts are ‘things’, actually, and they have a vibration. Thoughts referring to concepts and realizations are the building blocks of awareness and they do matter, and our awareness does count in terms of contributing to the welfare of the greater collective.

Is it any wonder that humanity has generally lost touch with nature and with their own human nature, the result of which is a world that suffers from so much ill health despite the many advances of modern science and technology?

It is as though the pattern of religions effectively separating people from nature was carried even further by science, the result of which includes depleted soils and denatured foods with the rise of ‘food science’ and so on, which is high on marketing and profits and low on nutrition and is, in fact, usually riddled with poisonous toxins, and so on. That this leads to illness which also generates profits by the sale of also toxic medicines designed to manipulate the body without addressing the cause is further testimony to evil intents.

Fortunately, there is a growing trend to return to nature and the land and growing food using relatively simple, yet good science and technology. This trend can be understood to comprise its own form of spirituality in terms of reverence for nature and supported by good science. So, it is clearly not a matter of demonizing science so much as recognizing that corrupt attitudes will invariably produce corruption in any and every way it is engaged.

The key to this end is to break free of the instinctual, reactive mind and cultivate the conscious mind supported by intuition. This also includes gaining greater clarity regarding the very human fact that we are each capable of both light and dark.
The middle path includes this higher awareness and elevates us beyond reactive survival instincts and hysteria that leads to projection, blame and scapegoating.

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