Misson Statement

Duality is a reality of our daily lives; enlightenment which we hope to evolve to entails experiencing the one-ness of all.
For now it is clear for all who have eyes to see that humanity is swiftly heading toward annihilation of all. One can deny global warming, at least doubt humanity as the main causing factor. However that will not save most of us from perishing in the foreseeable future. We need to work on ourselves, take responsibility, work out new models for living together, as humans amongst each other and between species and even different realms. There are whole fields of devastating pollution we have caused and still are causing we are not even or hardly aware of. Take the pollution of the astral realm or aspect with our incessant negative emotions. Take the harm we are causing to ourselves by bad habits; bat eating, bad thinking, never stopping rambling of thoughts that keep us locked in the reality we are in.

Éirí hopes to be a different place than the rest of the world, a different world. A place apart. A place to heal. A testing ground. A hotbed. A place where people come to find and meet themselves, their real selves by finding the stillness inside, reconnect with their roots, their spiritual essence. A place to go for meditation and/or yoga retreats. Also a place where like-minded to find new solutions, new ways will be meeting up in the inspiring awesomeness of unspoiled nature at the south Atlantic coast. To find inspiration in the stillness in nature and inside oneself. To meet up for workshops, retreats and conferences.
For artists to retreat from the hurly-burly of daily business of life and go into silence, to go deep into their own inspiration and work or prepare for work on their art, or even paint, record their music, etc. As the arts are at the core and lifeblood of our culture, our humanity. The food for our souls. The inspiration towards greatness.
Éirí offers and aims to be a podium, a refuge from the world – albeit temporarily for most – to work on progress from the self to the Self, progress for humanity. As you grow yourself, you help humanity grow.

It is planned that a Trust will be set up to guarantee the continuity of the realization of the plans also in the long term.

The estate was in a bad state of care and maintenance, after having been for sale for some 10 years; the last families of inhabitants of the old ways, growing their own food on little plots next to their clay-cemented stone houses, had left in the early sixties and since the land had not been cultivated. After that briefly it was inhabited by one family, who built the brick house.

We acquired this fairly unspoiled estate at last on May 7, 2015, after some 25 years of worldwide searching. We had finally found our potential piece of paradise on earth, to build in material and spiritual form our dreams into reality. To create our own little version of the ideal world. We realise no ideal can be reached without compromises. If only because ideal is not always affordable and one needs to find a cheaper way to at least get nearer to the ideal way. We are still learning and working hard to find our ways start food-growing and build accommodation, facilities and services to be ready to receive groups.