This is a healing paradise


Early August, sunny and everything flowers

View from the bedroom, and kitchen. Not just greening the house….
Can you spot the (gold) fish in the accidental pond? The similar sized trout are not visible, but there all the same.



Spring has arrived; swallows and swifts have returned

A swift flew into the house. Grace, our cat had it cornered just out of reach against a window. Took her out, then talked to the swift that I was going go pick him up and release him outside. Slowly moved my fingers closer, carefully picked him up, he stayed calm the whole time, only soundlessly opening and closing his beak. Took this picture, released him, and with big sweeping movements he flew off, unharmed
Remember the Swift/Swallow who flew into the house and was chased by Grace, the cat? Well she/they built a nest in the shed, and throughout the very loud and long House music festival bravely sat on her eggs. Now they hatched and 4 very healthy, hungry chicks make a racket of their own.
4 Swift chicks survived, are healthy and learned to fly. 3 In for the eve, and on the roof, resting a bit.


Tree planting season again!

Scores and scores of saplings to be planted out; oak, elder, sycamore, ash, maple, norwegian maple, birch.


Xmas day ’22

Solar power

The Irish energy companies are now paying for the electricity generated by private solar panels and windmills. No more need for banks of batteries, but feed straight into the grid, much more efficient and environment friendly. So we had them installed, at last, as planned originally. Solar powered we are now!


Grape picking has started

Apple picking has commenced

Pickings from the first two and a half trees: 2 jonagold and half an ancient unknown Elstar, cox and James Grieve


Summer 2022, The yucca flowers again!

The apple harvest is looking very good this year.

The James Grieve is not only bearing almost ripe apples, it also starts flowering again.
Confused about the seasons? Or James Grieves too? (For QE II)

Summer, everything is in bloom
A daytime sleepover near the Buddha
One of our Phormium about to flower and in full bloom.
In NZ called ‘flax’ and growing all over the southwest of Ireland too
Slowly the yucca is coming into full bloom. Autumn is here!
Still tents are popping up, here next to the pumpkins
The yucca in bloom.